My Chuwi Surbook has arrived. This is the unboxing

Chuwi Surbook Delivery Box
The Chuwi Surbook delivery box. //Photo: Cyril Dason

Hey, after months of wait for the Chuwi Surbook, it has finally arrived! – Six days after Chuwi said they had sent my Surbook.

As you know, it has been quite a wait, but my first impression with the Surbook is good, hence my belief that I actually struck a great deal this time around because I got all the additions at one price.

The delivery came about 5PM-ish yesterday, and it was a pleasant surprise that there was no additional charges to the item. Perhaps its because the tablet was actually a gift from Chuwi for backing their crowdfunding on Indiegogo in June.

Anyway, opened the delivery box late last night, and as usual, it came nicely packed in Chuwi branded smaller boxes as you can see below.

Chuwi Surbook Package
Contents of the delivery box. // Photo: Cyril Dason

Further un-boxing of these box revealed the content below. Pardon the photos. I had to squeeze time to take the photos as my girl would also want to un-box the tablet if she knew I was doing it.

Chuwi Surbook Package opened
Whats inside the nicely packed product boxes. //Photo: Cyril Dason

If you are wondering what’s in the boxes, well, there’s the Surbook tablet, the detachable keyboard (black), the USB-C charging cable and adapter, the Chuwi pen, and last but not least, the free tempered glass they promised.

All this was worth not more than RM1,800 (I paid USD399).

I powered on the Surbook, tried to charge it, and set up Microsoft 10, and so far everything looks good.  Previous customers had complained about the Surbook unable to being charged and some had scratches, but it looks like mine so far is safe from all those defects. – It pays to be one of the later ones getting the Surbook.

If you are already amazed by the Surbook despite the fact I’ve not given you a hands on review just yet (which will come soon, promise.), the Chuwi Surbook is available on AliExpress for at perhaps a cheaper/more expensive price, though if you click this link, there’s a promo for the tablet at USD369.99 (MYR1566) as of today.

p/s: I have an unboxing video of the Chuwi Surbook, but my daughter walked in, and all the shots went into selfie mode after that. Mok edit, tapi malas. hahaha


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