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Mee Selor Kolej Abdillah

I am sure that by now, Kolej Abdillah has produced at least 50k students whom now work practically anywhere in the world.  God bless such a lovely school! The school which is regarded as one...

The Best Pizza in Kuching

I know you guys know Pizza Hut inside out.  Some may regard them as the best pizza available, especially since in Kuching, selections of pizza eateries are kind of limited.  Saying Pizza Hut ain't...

The Silhouette Guinness Christmas Main Course

When it comes to anything related to beer, I have to salute Guinness Stout, or better known as Stout locally.  They not only have a unique taste, but also rate among the best beer...

The Brotherhood Anual Dinner 2009

This is kind of like an overdue post.  It happened like 6 days ago, and I finally get to put it up in my blog.  Urgghh, like they say, better late than never. So, I...

Food Tasting at The Banquet

It all happened last Saturday.  Was invited by Irene via Facebook and an email.  At first, I thought I couldn't make it because I had to work that morning, but thankfully, work ended at...

The Original Car Wash

Today I lost my respect over someone in a higher position than I am.  I just couldn't believe what was done, and how unimportant my health is to this particular someone.  A few friends...

My Valentine

By the time you read this, I'm at Hilton, having my Valentine's dinner with Amiey. Why Hilton? Well, they aren't as expensive as I figured they are.  In fact, after running down the price list......
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