The Chuwi Surbook is finally shipping out!

If you are following this personal blog of mine, you’d know that I’ve recently made a purchase, or rather funded something on Indiegogo called the Chuwi Surbook.

At the time I made the contribution, I paid USD399 (I was charged MYR 1735.78 by my credit card).

The thing about backing an on-going project like the Chuwi Surbook, they hardly ever follow their production time-line, especially if there’s issues and problems to the product.

Specifications of the Chuwi Surbook vs other contenders

This happened with the Chuwi Surbook I backed, in which I was supposed to get it in July, but they ended pushing back the delivery date to end of July, and finally now, end of August.

According to the project updates provided by Chuwi (which, I must say was hugely rare), they ran into some hardware issues like a problematic camera, and decided to change the cooling system of the Surbook to feature better heatsinks.

I’m really fine with the delays, but their lack of communication during the whole project build-up, has given me some sort of wariness about funding, or backing future projects, which may not be delivered in time. – After all, IMO, Chuwi wasn’t using Indiegogo as a platform to raise funds for their project, but rather using it as a pre-sales site.

Anyway, yesterday, I received the message below, and it is a huge relieve on my side.

The Chuwi Surbook team message on Indiegogo

Yep, the Chuwi Surbook is finally going to be shipped, and I believe I will only receive mine in September (since they said – end of August).

But, hey, the current price is USD439 if you buy it on Indiegogo, and a whopping USD699.99, if you buy it on their official store on AliExpress, l free shipping included! This means that I’ve saved like A LOT by buying it early! – The prices mentioned here are based on the Surbook which is equal in specs to the version I got.

The Chuwi Surbook as displayed on their online store.

I just hope when the Chuwi Surbook arrives, it doesn’t disappoint me, because my next target, might be the Ulefone T1, which I said was super cheap (try RM850), for specifications like the Samsung Galaxy S8!

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