The Laksa Sarawak Fixation


The past few days or rather mornings have been filled with a lot of laksa, or Laksa Sarawak in particular.

If a few months ago, my tummy couldn’t stand eating Laksa or any spicy dish so early in the mornings, then… that so called ‘taboo’ made up by my tummy is totally rubbish now because I eat laksa practically every day now. I say “screw the tummy ache afterwords” cause the delight of the savoriness laksa is so worth it.

If eating out is not enough, then take this into consideration; I actually bought the paste for laksa and tried to make it myself (of course with some help from Amiey), but my laksa doesn’t really live up to even my expectation.  Somehow, the laksa which you pay for is always nicer.

Well, I have been going around town, scouting for laksa, and I have been to numerous places, but nothing beats the the pricing of the RM11.80 laksa which has enormous prawns, but taste awful… =(

While I’m talking ‘laksa-ish‘.. I was wondering where is the best place to get a fantastic bowl of Sarawak Laksa? It seems that people in Kuching don’t really know how to do business because as I know, a few good places close so early (as early as 8am), when they have the best laksa in town. *sigh* I can’t wake up that early you know…


  1. cyril! have you tried the one at foody-goody food court? It’s at the Tabuan Stutong shop houses near the Kuching Speciallist. I believe they have one of the best Laksa in Kuching. Even Kenny Sia recommended it 🙂

    There’s another one which is located opposite the Mirama building. I only tried it once as they sold out very early -_-”

    I’ve not tried all, but I am on the way to try every laksa place in Kuching. Will give the places you mentioned a try. Thanks!

  2. Laksa Sarawak, one of my fav breakfast meal besides kolo mee and roti canai.
    I’m not very choosy when it comes to eating laksa, most of it can masuk..dah suka kan.
    foody-goody fcourt- tried before, not bad also.

    Hahaha.. well, I’m not that picky about laksa, but after trying a few places frequently.. I found out that they do have different taste.

  3. Try Madam Tang’s either at their Pertanak branch or the one at The Spring. I haven’t tried the one at Foody Goody food court, should be nice!

    Yeah, did try both places already. Thanks!

  4. ..hey guys in JB!..there’s a cafe behind tesco tebrau selling laksa sarawak. i think it’s new there..give it a try!..

    Too bad I’m not in JB anymore.. but does it taste the same?


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