The Myth Of Marriage & Loyalty


I’m hearing lot’s of stuff nowadays. Maybe it’s me being a good listener, or maybe it’s just people around me being more ‘open’ towards what their thoughts are lately. If you screw those possibilities, then maybe I’m a cranky 29-year old, unhappy about how life is going about.

So I heard someone say “Marriage will keep someone loyal to you”, or was it something like “You say you don’t want to get married yet because your special one hasn’t cheated on you”, or in maths “marriage = loyalty”.

Not sure if I heard it, or read about it somewhere, but then again, the statement just made me boil. Emotional me is back. Heh! Some people may be happy. My blog’s getting depressing. ha! ha!.

So what gives?

Married or not, it has nothing to do with anyone cheating. Spouses cheat, have affair and so on, so why does someone believe that getting married is the only way to ‘seal the deal’?

Okay, I’m not married, and so some say I have no voice on this. But there’s so many broken marriages out there, and so many uncounted ones which are now in deep shit. I know, I see, I ponder.

There are times I see some people tying the knot early. Good for them! But it saddens me when they start having problems after a couple of years along the way, and end up breaking up- and what’s worst with children at tender ages! That’s not how a marriage is suppose to be.

If you ask me, marriage should only happen when you are really ready, both financially, emotionally and everything. You shouldn’t propose unless you’ve figured out about your future kids, your holiday issues, your finances, your job etc. It’s simple, if you can’t provide, you can’t tie the knot, and that goes both ways.

When you believe can make your spouse happy, and you are happy, then you can say ‘I do’. If both are not achievable, the path will be bumpy, and you’d only make those around you suffer.

So marriage = loyalty? Seriously, get a REAL life dude. Life just ain’t that simple.


  1. I don’t think it’s wise to wait too long to get the finances in order before you get married. If I did that, I’d be having kids when I’m too old to really enjoy raising them!

    Of course, we want someone who will provide security. But security includes more than just finances. It also includes emotional security which could be worth more than money.

    Marriage for me means a commitment before God to your spouse “for better or for worse”. Marriage doesn’t cause someone to be loyal to you. The loyalty has to be there from the start.

  2. I like this: “if you can’t provide, you can’t tie the knot”. Many kids these days, as young as they get, get married fresh from school etc, get really meager jobs, have kids early, not much of any vision in life. staying with inlaws, cant afford baby formulas or even clothes, cant even afford to dress up their wives prettily, etc etc. It’s like their not thinking with their heads but with something else down under, like the phrase goes. The sadder part is when they get married early then become a divorcee early. sigh… Kids these days. The trend now is to get married late. i mean, look at me! LOL

  3. On a neutral opinion,I would say it’s all about the attitude to get a marriage right.If both is just ready to tango for a life time together.Any issues can be worked out,REGARDLESS what.Afterrall timing,finance & emotion are things which can be control if one have set focus with the right attitude.

    One can’t be dating for years to later find out the partner is not the right one to built a future with.It doesn’t make sense to take up such a long time to make up this decision which could take a toll of life wasted in figuring out,kan?

    Just my 2 cents thought. I know life’s not a fairytale but you got to take charge & make your very own fairytale 🙂

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