Things to do in Siem Reap : What I noticed-lah


Siem Reap I must say isn’t exactly that touristy, despite the fact that there’s a fair amount of foreigners when we were there.  Prices are quoted in USD most of the time, and they are sold at competitive rates (despite conversion to MYR).

Here, I also noticed the locals were nice, and tourist, myself included, enjoyed freedom to chill without being pressured by ‘tourist prices’.  Hotel rates in Siem Reap can become very competitive.

Well, based on my observations, these are the things one should consider doing when in Siem Reap.  Hey, it may not be the same with yours or others, but this is mine.


T-shirts are extremely cheap in Siem Reap.  If you are good at bargaining, you can get them for USD1 (RM4.35) per tee, but if you aren’t they still can go that cheap!  The only catch is that the material of these tees are largely thin and poor, but with Siem Reaps summer heat, that’s not an issue.  Premium t-shirts are difficult to find and they cost USD10 (RM43.50) each, but if you are looking for nicer and better quality ones, head on to the international departure terminal of Siem Reap Airport because there’s a couple of stores selling them at USD25.


USD2 for an ice-cream may sound a little expensive, but the quality presented by La Pops ice cream is something you can count on for that price.  They are also equally generous with the condiments on the ice cream, making them a must have when the weather is really hot.


Beer is excessively cheap in Siem Reap with prices going to as low at USD0.50 (RM2.30) per bottle.  Some places offer extras such as free pop corn with a bottle of beer.


I believe the Khmers (Cambodians) put ‘exotic’ in the word exotic food because I can’t stomach the exotic food they have which among others include scorpions and others I don’t dare see. Photo taking of these dishes will cost you USD0.50, but it’s free if you buy to try. I didn’t dare.


We do have Fried Ice-cream in Malaysia, but somehow it is not as big of an attraction if compared to Siem Reap. I mean, look at the photo above, there’s like a queue for fried ice cream! When there’s a crowd like that, it’s either the ice cream is really good, or they are just curious tourist. Either way, I believe its both.


This I’ve never seen before, but it is something that really caught my eye. Instead of going into bars, Khmers set up small stalls complete with high chairs along Pub Street and invite the masses to sit down and drink cocktails and beer.  If those two items don’t make it ‘pub’ enough for you, they all come complete with your latest hit song blasted out loud, and neon lights shining to give you the ‘clubbing mood’.


Of course lah if you go to a new place, you need to try their food. I can honestly say that Khmer food and myself don’t exactly bond, but taste is subjective, so do try out their amok, grilled seafood and morning glory (kangkung) which comes with no leaves.


So guys, that sums up my trip to Siem Reap and what I noticed one should do. Pardon me if I missed out anything, but I guess since I stayed in town most of the time, chilling and relaxing, I can’t say more that I had here, and in my previous post about my five day trip.

f you have not gotten bored of my Siem Reap travelog or reviews, then wait up for a couple of days for the video watch this video as I show you some bits and pieces of the whole Siem Reap ‘adventure’, if it’s fit to be called that-lah.

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