Think You Are Strong?

Along our journey of life, we will tend to meet with people which would say:

“Isshh… if it’s me, I’d beat him up so bad, he’d know who’s boss”
or in BMS: “Mun aku tek, abis nya ku polen… Gik nya rasa. Barunya tauk sepa kuat

or the occasional “He/She doesn’t know what hist her when I get my revenge by doing this.. this this..” or in BMS: “Belum nya, kelak ku molah tok.. tok.. tok..”

and of course “”What? You think you are strong? If you are daring enough and feeling strong, come here!”or in BMS: “Apa? brani kah? Mun rasa kuat gilak, agak ko sitok.
**Translation may not be that accurate.

I think you get my drift. It’s the occasional defiance and show of power case.

Honestly, I look down on these people. Strength is not measured by how hard you hit someone, or how good you are at making people afraid of you. It is also not measured by having ‘gangs’ outside to help you fight for your cause.

Strength is when you are well respected by people regardless of age, stature and beliefs. Strength is when people seek and respond to you NOT because you scare them, but its because you are wise and the person they trust to help them when they are in need.

As for people who use threats and try to show they are powerful? Ask yourself, do you actually respect them? I don’t.

They are just a bunch of silly people trying to make themselves look good and seem strong when in fact, it’s otherwise. (Photos are only for illustration)

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