When RM100 is ‘Too Little’


I remember clearly. When I told someone I’d like to get back RM1,000 I’ve spent for something to ‘break even’, that someone burst into laughter and told me, that’s such a small amount, and that he could just give me the money.

Reality check: I’m a government servant, earning a decent pay, and RM1,000 is a lot of money for me. It may not buy the world, but it would do heaps for me.

The person whom laughed was a CEO of a company. I wouldn’t hold anything against him because for him perhaps, RM1,000 is a small amount. I mean, CEO vs Teacher. You do the math.

ASB book. Photo from wanda2u.com

Also, I had a friend, of this certain ethnic group which said “Those who borrow money, take out loans from banks, and put it back in Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) are idiots! That’s the worst type of investment, but borrowing money out, and putting it back in another account. The bank earns more than you gain!”. My friend didn’t know that I was one of those ‘idiots’ which did so like 4 years ago when I just started working.

Again, reality check: I just started work, I’m not from a rich family, I don’t have capital, and I need savings. Bet most of us are like this, and most of us don’t have much option when we want to save up.

These two situations bring me to one thing. The RM100 assistance given the the government. Is it much? Many seem to say it’s not but I can buy lots of items with RM100, and I bet it would help those in need. Interestingly, those complaining are not those receiving, but those working and earning thousands a month. Somehow forgot how it feels being down the social ladder eyh?

To be completely honest with you, I feel the RM100 assistance is good for those in need. It may be small to some, but it helps. Ask for anything bigger, and you can kiss some of the new roads planned under the 2012 budget to Lawas, Limbang and Kapit a sweet handsome goodbye. Get it?

With that, I invite you to read this article by Wong Sai Wan. It’s a very good read indeed.


  1. hahaha … nampaknya saya pun was one of those ‘idiots’ … saya start Maybank ASB Loan 2007. Kalau simpan tiap2 bulan selalu kena korek … jadi pada saya komitmen membayar ASB loan setiap bulan lebih mudah. Hujung tahun update buku dgn happy 🙂 setakat ni sudah ramai geng2 saya join kelab ASB Loan ni … means u’re not alone la CD 🙂

  2. Yeah…rm1k is a lot for me too Cyril. And of course Asb loan is very much helpful. And i have no complain about the rm100. Except that i hope students will be more serious in their studies.

  3. Cyril, do not be disheatened by those “rich” friends of yours. I too feel the same, and can truly relate with you. I went to Phuket with a group of friends early last year. Here is a breakdown of their profession, all same age with me.
    one civil engineer working in Petronas.
    one civil engineer working in Shell.
    one civil engineer working for an international company, based in New Zealand.
    one mechanical engineer working for a reputable company in Singapore

    And here I was… a civil engineer in a humble consultant firm in KL.

    When I look at myself, I do feel like.. shit.. they are all earning heaps more than me !!! And when the spend in Phuket, its like they did not have to give any consideration at all. Oh how my pocket hurt back then.

    But hey, when money does not come easy, it makes us appreciate it even more. It keeps our life’s perspective in check. We understand the sufferings of others, and we can relate to a wider audience. The “rich” usually lives in their own delusional world, and the “richer” they get (sorry for generalizing, though there are always exceptions), the less that group of people would care for others.

    Cyril, you will be someone important one day. I see that in you. When the day comes, I will so going to step up to you and say “I told you so”.

    So chin up, and have faith bro.

    • Thanks bro, though I’m not sure about me being someone important in the future, so I await the ‘I told you so moment’ =)

      ..and yes, you have made a wonderful point about how we appreciate things better because we have to earn it. God bless bro.

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