Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone To Android 2.3


A few weeks ago, HTC announced that they would not release Gingerbread (Android 2.3) for the HTC Desire. I was very dissapointed because the Android 2.2 wasn’t stable, and I heard a lot of good things about the Gingerbread.

Thankfully, they finally did release Gingerbread for the phone (which is also my phone), but warned that it’s only for experts. The warning came with a worrying warning which includes the possibility of loosing certain functions such as SMS and MMS.

This made me contemplate. I wasn’t an Android expert, and I was definately clueless about the upgrading a phone software. However, I downloaded the Gingerbread from HTC’s official site anyway.

Upon the completion of the download, I opened it, and checked out the manual. It looked simple, but still, I was worried as there was numerous warnings in regards to the upgrading the phone software without proper knowledge. One in particular said “Upgrading the phone will wipe out all the phone’s data“.

After much deliberation, I decided to just go for it. I followed each step listed down carefully. The screen of my phone turned off, and then turned white, and finally turned black with a green bar clearly displyed. The installation was now in progress. *sigh of relief*

After about 10 minutes, my phone restarted itself, and I was now on the Android Gingerbread!

I tested my phone to see what was different. It functions alot faster than before, and the apps look better. The best part is, the battery life is prolonged from a short 16 hours (on 3G) to an amazing 20-22 hours, yes on 3G!! Don’t believe me, check the photo below out:

As you can see, the phone was last charged 14 hours ago, and still has about 55% left. The phone was used intensively for a little bit of twittering, facebooking, SMS-ing and receiving calls.

So if you do have the option to upgrade your Android phone to the Gingerbread, do so. I highly recommend it!  After all, the upgrading process isn’t difficult at all!

Click here for the upgrade link.


  1. Coolness!!! 😀 but I still feel quiet disappointed that I still can’t fully utilized all the display functions on my phone although I’ve upgraded to 2.3 and battery span was a bit improved…


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