Llumar security tint for cars –  Good or bad? 


Llumar security tint is known for it’s quality, and so upon receiving my new ride, the next step was to tint it with Llumar. Being in Malaysia, a country where the sun heats everything like crazy, tinting a car is a must.

I’ve tinted my old Proton Saga with a tint said to be made from the USA.  It was said to be ‘sun cool’ and that it reflected glare and heat. Fast forward a few years later, the tint lasted, but there was signs of deterioration.
Llumar security tint
This time around, wanting to stick to my commitment of not changing my car for the next 25 years, I’ve decided to use a known glass tint brand called Llumar, although I initially wanted to go for another brand which costed RM1.6k. – This other brand is said to be less superior than Llumar.

Llumar came at RM2k, with a five year warranty, and the seller took my money with the promise that it’s JPJ compliant and they shall replace the tint for free shall I get sued, or the tint ges ripped off by JPJ. The tint also has a security film, allowing it to withstand over 70lbs of pressure, well, in case someone decided to break the car window. The video below is what Llumar claims it can do.

On top of that, the Llumar security tint would be replaced if it was damaged, and they also threw in a free mat for the car. The seller’s pitch was that although the warranty was five years, Llumar security tint was known to last beyond 10 years, so I figured I should give it a try, despite the price.

While at the shop, I’ve also noticed owners of expensive cars such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes also choosing to use the tint, giving me slightly more confidence of its quality of Llumar security tint .
Llumar security tint
After a few days using the Llumar security tint , the car does seem to be cooler, and the reflection of light seems to be good during the day. This is compared to my the tint I used in my old Proton Saga, and my new car, when it didn’t have any tint.

Adding to that was the fact I actually have a warranty card to show proof of my purchase.

If the Llumar security tint I installed is really as good as claimed, I guess I’ll only know in five to six years time.
Llumar security tint
Nonetheless, just an added information, Llumar is giving lifetime warranty in USA and Canada, so I’m hopeful they would be really good and lasting.

My only regret of this Llumar security tint I installed is that it’s not as dark as I wanted, though there were options to go darker, at the expense of coming without JPJ compliant warranty.

If Llumar security tint is too pricey, and you have a guy who can install tints for you, Lazada is offering some pretty cheap but quality options tint films.


    • Hi Neo, I went for the Titanium 4-50. Wanted darker, but it’s not covered by them. The one I got was the darkest that they said they would ‘replace if JPJ asked it to be removed’.

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