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I broke a ceramic sink and lacerated my thumb

I recently broke a ceramic sink and lacerated my thumb. As you may have known if you are following me on Instagram, I am currently painting my kampung house which I call 'RumahPalingSijo' which loosely...

My experience with dengue

Recently, I had dengue. It all started on Friday the 23rd November 2018, when I decided to dye my hair, in which I felt my muscles and joints were annoyingly painful and the back of...

Experiencing Bekam a.k.a Cupping therapy in Kuching

Cupping therapy in Kuching, or 'bekam' as it is known in Malaysia, is a traditional Chinese therapy. According to Webmd, "Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on...

Bought a cheap ergonomic mouse that helped reduce pain in my hand

Recently, I decided to buy a cheap ergonomic mouse because I found out that the pain in my right arm might be due to my blogging. In recent months, I've been doing more paperwork for...

Thalgo Terre & Mer: Fantastique

To be honest, I wasn't that keen to come for this launch.  Ask the guys.. It is a guy thing.  I mean, beauty and men do not mix, unless when it comes to looking...

The Six Pack and the One Pack

I was browsing through Robin's blog.  He has the best photos when it comes to models or fashion shows.  Not really that I am into all this fashion things, but a man needs to...

Hitting, Kicking & Shooting

Today is 11th December 2008.  In 7 days it would be payday (Should I be happy??), in another 14 days, it would be Christmas (should I be thankful?), and in another 25 days, it...
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