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Sending my daughter to school for the first time part one

The title is a bit misleading because technically. I did not send my daughter to school for the first time. Instead, it was my wife who did, but this post is about my experience sending...

OMG – This actually works!

Sasa has been coughing for a quite sometime now. It's an on and off thing, and I can't really say how long this cough of hers has lasted because there are times it's like...

When Sasa gets sick

Sasa has been not well for the past weeks. At first, she had fever, accompanied by flu, and then cough, but then she became healthy for a couple of days. Suddenly, there was a relapse,...

Fatherhood – She doesn’t want me

Carissa turned 11-months last Monday the 16th, and it came with a fever.  By far, it must be the highest and longest so far. The fever started on Saturday night when I noticed her forehead...

Fatherhood – The change of a routine

Well, over the past two years, my role has changed drastically from being a single-can have time for a lot of things-person, to someones husband, and now, an upgraded to becoming ones father. Single...

Is it a Boy or Girl?

Probably the biggest and most common question I get when someone knows my wife is expecting is whether it's a boy or girl, and with the nine months almost up, the moment of truth...

5 signs you guys are ready for marriage

I'm doing this post as a filler since I don't have anything important to say in this blog but anyway, this is still quite personal to me since it answers the question of how...
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