Why cats are annoying? – It’s beyond just an event


If you follow the comic stips of Garfield, you’d probably know why his master, code name Jon Arbuckle looks helpless when it comes to addressing the orange cat. For me, its because cats are pretty darn annoying. For starters, cats do not do a single thing at home. Yes, one would argue the chase of the mice, but look at ‘Tom and Jeryy’, it’s 2014, and they are still chasing each other like it’s a yearly sports day or something. ... Read More »

Malaysians and the Gaza strip

israel tanks

The world sort of knows that Malaysians are a generous lot, and this can be seen on how we tend to help other countries when something happens to them. This is something laudable,and something every Malaysian has to be proud off because in the wake of MH370, multi-national countries, which were not really ‘friends’, came to help Malaysia look for the MH370. The problem is, we are getting a little carried away. Granted, the issue in Gaza has not been ... Read More »

The Rio World Cup in my eyes

German winner, world cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup just ended, and as I expected, Germany won it.  Let’s face it, the Germans had ‘champions’ written all over them from the beginning, and when they trashed Brazil 7-1, you just knew they were going to bring home the prestigious cup. For me, this World Cup was interesting simply because there were shocking results.  I mean, who would have expected Costa Rica and Algeria to move into the second round?  Who would have thought Brazil would ... Read More »

Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah Sarawak

Crack in wall, house

It’s no secret I have bought myself a house some three years back. As excited I am to be a proud owner of a property, I do somehow feel ‘cheated’ because I can’t do ‘shit’ about the agreement I signed for the sales and purchase, and let’s face it, when the developer appoints a lawyer for you, and takes care of the legal fees, you know who the lawyer may be supporting. Not too bad for a 31-year old man I ... Read More »

Anugerah Pegawai Cemerlang surprise

surat apc apc letter

I’ve been slacking on this blog simply because I can. Nothing much to tell since I’m pretty busy lately at work, and work has been really hectic. Believe me, neglecting one of my oldest blog is not something I intend to do, but I have since restructured all my blogs to be more focused. This one, aptly called Blog@CyrilDason will be my personal blog where I just share random stuff and things happening in my life. In line with the ... Read More »

Reasons to dye my hair

Cyril Dason pre-wedding

Two drafts, and still both failed to get released despite the fact I’ve drafted quite long articles in my blog post draft. I think I will not be releasing the post anytime soon because it is getting pretty difficult to please myself when I write an article nowadays that I tend to type something up, but end up deciding not to publish it because it bores myself. Here are a few quick updates on my life. I’m going to be ... Read More »

Why a honeymoon should consist more than just the couple

honeymoon, cyril, dinah,bali

Often people think that there should only be two people going for a honeymoon, but my honeymoon had three. I had good reasons for this, and it worked out nicely. Before you start thinking of crazy ideas which most possibly include ‘orgies’, let me kill off that thought by saying it didn’t happen nor was it ever in the plan. The whole reason for this third person, or some say ‘tiang lampu’, was to capture the moments, or in other ... Read More »

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