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Cyril Dason is a content creator and educator based in Kuching, Sarawak with over 15 years in content creation experience.  His followers come from around the world but are largely concentrated to Malaysia, with most of them residing in both Sabah and Sarawak.  Other than Blog.CyrilDason.com, he owns several niche blogs such as SarawakCrocs.com (Football) and KuchingBorneo.info (Travel). He is also well established on InstagramTwitter and Youtube.

Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review and why you should watch it

This is my Crazy Rich Asians movie review. I just finished watching the movie alone today, and the RomCom didn't disappoint. There has been a lot of...
The Greatest Showman poster

5 reasons why The Greatest Showman was great

I just watched The Greatest Showman, and it's still ringing in my head. Seriously, I've always been torn between if I liked musical, or...
Lagenda Budak Hostel

The best part of ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’

Last weekend, I decided to watch a Malay comedy flick called 'Lagenda Budak Hostel' because I saw this one clip which went viral on...

Paid RM85 for the Beanie experience at TGV, and got the whole hall to...

That's probably one of the longest blog titles ever, but I wanted you to notice this blog post and read it to know how...

TV Series Review: Gossip Girl

It wasn't hard to realize why Blake Lively, the main cast in Gossip Girl wasn't too happy about Gossip Girl and the morality it...

5 Reasons why LOGAN was awesome

I've had a fair share of X-MEN movies under my belt, but LOGAN hit me nicely as one of the best I've ever watched...

The Great Wall movie review

Bored of Romans, Vikings, Super Heroes and Mummies? Watch The Great Wall, a very Chinese or should I say Asian infused movie which for me,...
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