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Hello HashtagLive Kuching!

It's April, and I have something very special to introduce. After Tweet-Up Kuching (#twtupkch), Malaysia's Best Social Media Gathering, another social media event has been under the wraps since last December.  Organized by myself and...

Talking at #OhhSome Fest

Hey hey.. something not related to my soon to be born baby. If you haven't heard, I'll be giving a talk at the up-coming #OhhSome Fest in Kuala Lumpur which is happening on the 13-14...

#TwtUpKCH & #DGWWWOW Awards: It’s not me, it’s us

I've been getting a lot of these silly grins on my face lately, because life has been 'ottersome'! While work is getting heavier to handle, the personal part of living has been nothing short of...

#TwtUpKCH 2012

It's back again, and it's definitely gonna get bigger this year. The event which had over 400 twitter users last year now has a bigger venue, ready to cater for over 800, but I think...

Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion, Anugerah Carta Borneo & BCCK

Last weekend was one hell of a weekend. 3 major events happened, and I was involved in three, either directly or indirectly. Friday was the Hitz Kuching Birthday bash, followed by Tweet-Up Kuching, and the...

A Way More Awesome #TwtUpKch 2011 Than Expected

I'm not a man with much words, and I am most certainly a person which would want to say something would be awesome, fantastic or epic before it happens. Yes, in other words, I...

#TwtUpKch: Tweet Up Kuching Starts

A month ago, a couple friends and I were having some small chat about having a massive Tweetup for Kuching. A tweet up is basically an event where two or more twitters gather and...
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