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My favourite brands on Lazada are on sale during Shopathon Sale

There's plenty of brands on Lazada, but not all offer something worthwhile to buy. Some brands on Lazada have just a few items on their list. Others can't seem to list down enough items for...

ShopBack is going to give me items worth thousands for my coming birthday!

When you read the title, it is likely you'd be wondering why the hell is ShopBack, a cash rebate company, planning to give me a birthday gift worth thousands! The list of items are all...

P1 Nostalgic Contest: I won an Apple iPod Shuffle

Remember the postings I made which featured some videos a few months back? No? Here's the link. Well, I didn't win first prize, but somewhat clinched consolation and walked away with a Blue Apple iPod...

In support of 14 August internet blackout

I am not an activist, nor am I against the government.  The thing is, some things need to be said, and that some laws are simply made so that some people would be able...

I Had Fun Doing This!~ JoHaRa

Let's face it. Most probably, I ain't gonna win that RM20K for the JoHaRa Era Contest I was talking about in my previous post. Time constrain and problems having the right cameraman simply didn't help. Tried...

Taking My ‘Semenanjung Buddies’ Around (Sia Sitok JoHaRa ERA Kuching)

Last weekend, I signed myself up for a contest.  The 'bounty' in line is a good hefty 20 grand, and God knows how I could really use that cash now.  The renovation of my...

The Unexpected Win

Enough with my dismay last week in regards to my disqualification from the DiGi Movie Marathon 2010. Anyway, I congratulate DiGi for holding such an event in Kuching, and I hope more will come...
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