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The Best Ramadhan Buffet In Town Is Back!

Before you say "Hey, you are wrong, there are other buffets which I think are better", let me point out that this is a simple case of 'Taste is subjective', and that 'I have...

The Best Christmas Gift

Christmas was like 5 days ago, but I just have to brag about the best Christmas gifts I had this year. Before I proceed, I must admit, this was among the worst ever built up...

HTC HD7 Summary Review

I secured the HTC HD7 phone from Maxis, being one of the first in Malaysia to actually use and try out the phone under the Maxis10 programme which is solely created to review new...

Why You Should Get The HTC HD7: My Fav features

Most of you may wonder, why should you get the HTC HD7?  Well, to cut a long story shot, here are a list (and explanation) of why I like the HTC HD7, and why...

CYNET Hosting Review – Cheap & Quality Hosting Service

This post is about Cynet Hosting, a Malaysian based hosting company. I have moved my hosting from Data KL to CYNET HOSTINGS last month, and I'd love to share some good tips on why you...

Alang-Alang Menyeluk Pekasam

I'm sure most Malaysians know of this phrase: "Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan".  The phrase basically means "Go all out while you are at it".  Sounds nice and very encouraging, eyh? Well,...

The Top 5 & Probably The Best Malaysian Web Hosting Services

A lot of you may be looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia, in which you could get your very own domain, and control your templates and how your blog looks physically...
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