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The Beautiful Wedding – Congrats Mr & Mrs Harold!

I've attended many weddings before, and quite frankly, those Church weddings in the movies are so beautiful you'd think 'It ain't happening in Malaysia'. Well, I stand corrected because the wedding between Harold and Mariana...

Fair & Reasonable

We did not demand for others to change their identification card details when they decided to follow. We did not demand for airtime on prime TV to show we were doing something every Sunday morning. We...

Student Having Sex in School

I'm not sure if you came to this article because of the title, or because you happen to be an avid reader of my humble blog. Either way, if you came here because of the...

Facts on The Herald and Allah

Hi guys... Despite the boat tragedy in Penang, and my condolences to the families involved, I still do feel that there is a need to enlighten those minds whom are still having misconception about the Allah...

Stop The Malaysian Allah Issue

I think, a good majority of 80% Malaysians are sitting down at home worried of what shall become of their beloved country, Malaysia. As I sit down, in front of my computer screen,...

‘Allah’ Divides Malaysia

NOTE: This article by Aidil Rusli from The Malaysian Insider is one of the best articles on the 'Allah' issue.  You must read it. Although I celebrated my birthday a few days ago with minimal...

What Christmas Is All About

This is probably my last post before Christmas. I know, I should be saying something sweet and short, but I'm thinking this might be a long post. To many Christians, Christmas is the day...
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