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My Youtube Channel – Inspiration and direction

Thanks to Google, I know I had opened my Youtube Channel on 24 Apr 2006. I opened the channel just for the fun of it, not knowing what kind of videos I would post up....
My 35th birthday party

Birthday Post Thirty Five

You know, I used to have time to type a lengthy birthday post, but this time around, it seems I don't. So anyway, I turn 35 as the clock strikes 8AM today, and last night...

Hoping for a faster recovery

It's been close to a week since Carissa Dhea was born, and sadly, she is still very much hospitalized. Her condition is improving with her now finishing up her antibiotics, feeding well and the...

Carissa Dhea: The name, the princess, the fighter

Today marked a historical day in my life. After weeks of anxious waiting, my baby girl, Carissa Dhea is finally born. I am now officially someones father, and the feeling is undeniably 'weird' because I...

Talking at #OhhSome Fest

Hey hey.. something not related to my soon to be born baby. If you haven't heard, I'll be giving a talk at the up-coming #OhhSome Fest in Kuala Lumpur which is happening on the 13-14...

The Journey to the #OttersBIGDay

It's been almost 5 months, and I have been slow in posting things about the wedding because of work and new things going in my life. On top of that, I am on Maxis...

Birthday post: The present of a lifetime

Let's face it. I am not young anymore. By all means, I do feel like I'm still energetic, and able to do so many things - but my body is ticking at a different...
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