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The Epic Bogelboy

Nevermind the title. It's just something Fahriee came out with after an epic event at his place. It changed the month of April for me, and it made me make sure that my bathroom...

The Suprise Party

I don't like to gloat on my birthday, but this year was somewhat special because it was different. I was somewhat tricked by a bunch of good friends to have me wearing a crown,...

A round-up of everything

I've been a busy bee last week, and that explains why I'm lacking in updates. Nonetheless, rather than making one post each for every event I've attended, here's some bits and pieces of all...

Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010

I'd just want to say a huge thank you to Advertlets for inviting me to the Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010 at Paragon, Travillion, Kuching.  The party was AWESOME!!! So, the party was largely raved...

Kuching Xplay Party

Are you free tomorrow (18 June - Friday)? Perhaps you'd be in Kuching also? How about needing to shed some weight or do something different other than watch football.  Okay, maybe you'd wanna watch...

The Irony of Earth Hour

The irony of Earth Hour is what I'm talking about here. Pick which is the better Earth Hour celebration: OPTION A Get in your car, drive to a party location, drink a beverage which needs you...

Ministry Of Beats Vol. 1

Another event I was invited to cover during the hectic Saturday.  Since it's the last event that day, it's the last post to be released.  FYI, I make it a point to spread out...
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